The Experience


SKYWALK Saint John is a rooftop attraction at the Reversing Falls Rapids Tourist Centre.

Plan 20 – 45 minutes for your first visit. 

Upon entering the facility your visit begins as you receive a “Rooftop Pass” which doubles as a souvenir postcard ! The pass is valid ALL DAY to the original holder. This allows visitors to see all three tidal stages … low, slack and high tides. We advise seeing at least two of the stages.

Next you will enter the elevator to the rooftop theatre. The theatre includes a 13 minute film which explains the Reversing Falls Rapids phenomenon, the geology, history of the area and things to do while awaiting the next tidal extreme. You are welcome to watch the film more than once.

After the film you will enter the large rooftop deck area which includes the SKYWALK SAINT JOHN observation platform. Stop … take a deep breath and SKYWALK  out 28′ beyond the 110′ cliff edge on the stainless steel and glass platform. Step onto the five transparent floor panels made of DuPont™ SentryGlas® and feel the thrill !

The strategic location of the platform provides a unique view of the Reversing Falls Rapids. If you see water flowing normally downstream then the dominating tidal condition is low tide, calm waters indicate slack tide and reverse flow indicates the tidal condition is most influenced by high tide. The SKYWALK perspective also provides a great view of the city and “uptown” skyline. 

Look over the sides of SKYWALK and clearly see where 1.2 billion year old Precambrian age marble (light color rock) from the South Pole area collided with 515 million year old igneous rock (dark color) of the Caledonia terrain from Africa. Imagine 685 million years age difference ! The marble originated as sea creatures and the igneous rock is volcanic from the earth’s interior. 

If the tide is rising there is a high chance you will see our local Harbour Seals following the tide (and the fish) in. Look for their heads which appear like baseball caps. You will also see gulls, cormorants and other feathered friends flying below.  

Observe the tidal conditions up close. Imagine … the gravitational power of the moon is causing changes on earth before our eyes ! You are seeing the greatest example of tidal impact upon any river on earth.

Check your watch and our real-time tidal display to plan your return to see the next tidal extreme.

We look forward to welcoming you to SKYWALK SAINT JOHN and the REVERSING FALLS RAPIDS !