About Reversing Falls Restaurant …


Our facility, located in the geographical heart of Saint John was constructed in 1954, briefly the restaurant was known as “The Robertson” then in 1956 a local restaurateur named George Maniatis took the helm and launched the “Reversing Falls Restaurant”. He advertised “Dining with a View”.

George’s menu showcased “FRESH New Brunswick SEA FOODS” and “Special Dinners”. Amongst the featured items were … “Broiled Fresh Saint John Harbour Salmon Steak”, “Hot or Cold Boiled New Brunswick Lobster”, a “Fresh Lobster Roll”, “Broiled Canadian Red Brand T-Bone Steak” and “Loyalist Style Strawberry Shortcake”.

George provided visitors from around the world with quality foods and great hospitality until his retirement in 1992.

Then Theodore Faltsetas “Saki” … a new operator who also possessed a wonderful spirit of hospitality renamed the restaurant “The Falls”.

In 2015 the site was threatened with demolition. Then Max Kotlowski rescued the facility and began renovations … on September 26th, 2017 the facility reopened and resumed use of the historic and beloved “Reversing Falls Restaurant” name.

Today we continue the tradition of offering our guests local Seafood and chef’s dinners in a remodeled facility featuring a state-of-the-art European kitchen. Our all-induction “main line”, advanced ovens and the latest food preparation equipment allow our chefs to take their art to new levels while better maintaining quality and consistency. You will find no deep fryers in this kitchen !

We specialize in LOCAL SEAFOOD. Our menu includes much more … Chef’s Delights such as duck, chicken, turkey, prime rib, striploin and elk are amongst the favorites.

We are about “eating well and living healthy”. The Harbour Passage walking trail leads to Reversing Falls Rapids and the restaurant from uptown. Get your exercise and lunch also !

We invite you to experience our hospitality by becoming our guest at the Reversing Falls Restaurant … Dining with a View !