SKYWALK SAINT JOHN is a local attraction which includes a theatre, a rooftop deck and features the SKYWALK observation platform.

The facility originally opened on August 16th, 1954 with much celebration as the “Saint John – Lancaster Tourist Bureau”. It was proudly introduced as “ultra modern” and featured inclined glass windows and a rooftop observation deck. The entire roof is made of wood boards placed on edge and fastened together to form what is known as a “milled deck”. Milled decks are famous for their strength. The milled deck roof is supported by massive steel beams … some of which can be seen in the entrance area. The beams are supported by steel columns anchored to a 10″ monolithic concrete and steel foundation supported by bedrock.

Rooftop access was formerly provided via a staircase on the outside wall near the fireplace. Walking a staircase located above the edge of a 110′ rock face would have been a scary experience in itself !

In 1972 the “Chandelier Room” was added to the restaurant and a rooftop theatre built.

During the 1970’s the site proudly represented Saint John. Two successive Greek restaurateurs provided excellent food and hospitality … the site grew in popularity to eventually become known as “Eastern Canada’s Greatest Tourist Attraction”. Advertisements declared the rapids below “Illuminated at Night”.

In the recent decades municipal priorities changed and the site went into disrepair. Then in 2015 Max Kotlowski started a complete remodel of the facility. The old theatre was replaced with a new larger theatre, the rooftop deck space was expanded and the primary observation point was extended off the building in the form of a stainless steel and glass cantilever platform known as SKYWALK SAINT JOHN.

An all-electric 21 person elevator was added to make the SKYWALK SAINT JOHN attraction entirely wheelchair accessible.

Future plans include adding a geodesic dome to the Chandelier Room rooftop. A special “virtual reality” film will teach about life in the land and waters of the Bay of Fundy.