We are a geosite and included within the Stonehammer Geopark. The Reversing Falls Rapids gorge is an excellent location to see the meeting of two ancient continents.


The Reversing Falls Rapids geosite is a place where visitors can see where 1.2 billion year old marble, a light color rock from the South Pole region collided with 515 million year old dark igneous rock from Africa. Imagine 685 million years age difference !

The marble originated as sea creatures which metamorphosed into rock and the igneous rock is volcanic magma from the earth’s interior.

11,000 years ago melting glaciers from the most recent ice age ripped through the rock to form the gorge and expose the ancient rock. Much of the dark igneous rock bears a deeply weathered surface, the result of 11,000 years of exposure to sun, wind, rain, snow and ice !